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The 2017 Face and Body Art Convention just wrapped up this past Memorial Day Weekend in Orlando, Florida. The sold out show, hosted artists from all over the world, ranging from Holland, Italy, Spain, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, to the Caribbean. I'm not sure the exact amount but it was what appeared to be close to a thousand artists, models and performers combined.

So, I'm going to take you through my personal experience through this event. Wednesday was Cosplay Day and the official start of the convention. Registration was slammed that day, with artists in droves were getting pumped up to start their amazing weekend. Sillyfarm Staff did a great job of making sure each attendee was taken care of and well informed of what was going to take place throughout the weekend. During this time, they had some heavy hitters Wiser Oner and Avi Ram doing demos out in the registration lobby. In addition, there were a handful of classes going on centered around cosplay. For those that don't know, cosplay is where participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character, this usually includes face paint.

When the vendor room opened up that day it was like the Hoover Dam just burst open. Everyone that was there during the day in costume and face paint came pouring in and it was packed to the brim. I went Facebook live for over an hour, going over each booth and talking about product and what kind of deals they had. If you haven't seen it, it's on my page www.facebook.com/bodybrushedart check it out. Tabitha Anna from www.TabithaAnnaArtistry.com rocked out an amazing Jelly Fish body painting, which you can check out on her facebook www.facebook.com/tabithaannaartistry

I ended up releasing a new eBook called One Brush Wonders, check it out, it's on sale here:


It's pretty awesome!

Thursday for me was my intensive workshop with Georgette Pressler, our class was sold out and those awesome students got a ton of knowledge in short amount of time. We did our transformations workshop which was based all around anatomy, character creation and contouring. Basically making a complete character from head to toe. Georgette and I missed the BBQ that was planned for the convention goers because we were still knee deep into our workshop with some students. This is just what we do as instructors, we make sure that they get the most out of it. That night I painted at Monster Paisties booth and got ready for the first jam night. For those that haven't been to FABAIC, this, for me, is where the party starts. First off they kick off with some sketch comedy with two actors painted in the likeliness of Al Pacino and Marlin Brando, going over the rules in the Godfather impersonations. Following that some awesome Dancers took the stage doing LED Hula Hooping and LED Poi and at last the jam. Seeing all these artists painting at once is something to behold in person.

Friday classes are awesome, I ended up teaching Amazing Masks and that's the night Marcela got painted up as a Zombie by Matteo. If you didn't see the photos go check out the face book forum, it's pretty hilarious all the facial expressions she had. The face painting competition was that night and the winners were well deserved. No matter your experience level, you should have fun competing. During that time I did a pretty cool piece with a full face prosthetic. Each night the jams went to about 1-2am.

Saturday night was the jam night where a dozen artists did a body paint piece called Death to Cuteness. A piece which whose concept was sketched out by Michael Green from Proaiir. It included a black stallion unicorn whose body morphed into a tiger striped fish tail that was wearing ruby red slippers that was stomping on a baby seal, next to a baby with a batman face paint holding a beer. The squished baby seal was spurting rainbow colored blood that pooled around Hello Kitty's head. More rainbow and flowers were pooling around the legs, whilst Baby Wolverine was flashing obscenities on the back, spiked stuff animals like something from Vlad the Impaler and did I mention the unicorn was shooting laser beams from his eyes? There were at least 8 artists painting the model at a time and many pics were taken by onlookers. Dutch Bihary and Nick Wolfe bobbleheads made an appearance in the form of giant paper mache heads.

Sunday nights gala was a blast with everyone getting up and dancing. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. Pretty awesome evening with some epic bod paint pieces, Sabine Vogel taking the title of 1st place and her piece was super cool and extremely clean.

All in all it was an awesome time. If you are thinking about going but on the fence, you should go. For those that can't go and want that extra instruction, make sure to check out:

www.jay-bautista.com/media for the new eBook on sale for $11.99 till the end of the month then it retails for $14.99, so get it while it's HOT!

See you soon FABAIC!

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